About us.

Envelope is a software company, spun out of a longtime collaboration between award-winning SHoP Architects, and the Director of MIT's Civic Data Design Lab. Our 3D urban mapping platform uses proprietary geospatial datasets, sophisticated algorithms, and scenario analysis to help real estate professionals make faster, smarter, and more discreet investment decisions.

Working from our offices in the historic Woolworth Building, our team is a diverse mix of software engineers and designers, architects, zoning and GIS specialists, and businessfolk. Interested in joining us?
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Our team.

Sarah Williams
Board Member

Todd Sigaty
Board Member

Jason Vassiliades

Cindy McLaughlin

Philip Forget

Heidi Werner
Creative Director

Steven Wittens
3D Engineer

Steve London
3D Engineer

Paul Salama
Zoning Specialist

Ian Ainley
Front End Engineer

Back End Engineer

James Quinn
Gis Specialist

Our advisors.

Gregg Pasquarelli SHoP ARCHITECTS

Ziad Hourani INVESTOR

Andrew McLaughlin MEDIUM

James Kowalishin OAKTREE CAPITAL

Zach Aarons METAPROP

Connect with us.

Envelope City, Inc.

233 Broadway 11th Floor New York NY 10279
XXX.XXX.XXX info@envelope.city